Learning To Code

Our Nonah turned 5 in May. I'm currently introducing a few new concepts to her. One is the concept of coding.

First she enters the wrong coding but still thinks it's cool.



Next she goes on and codes correctly...

Black RiSE Watch

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Don't be afraid of the process.


Whenever my life gets difficult I Pause, Pray and Problem Solve. No matter what stage I'm at in the process, I'm always preparing to RiSE. Remember, there are levels in the process of progression.


Nonah Socks

Soooo, our daughter has been making art pieces since she was one years old and started doing design's on a computer when she was three. However, I recently asked her if she would make a design for me... And she did just that!!! She also created more pieces I can't wait to reveal.



I absolutely love what she created and how it turned out.

RiSE Face Shield

It's January 5th and we are LiVE! There's so many ways you can rock the RiSE Face Shield. Stay tuned this month as we capture it's multifunctional use.


Look fear in the face and RiSE to the occasion! #mkeRiSE




RiSE Short Skully


It's COLD Outside. Get warm with the NEW RiSE Short Skully.


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Not Me Lyrics


This song is a heads up. I'm not concerned with who doesn't like me, so please don't waste my time trying to tell me. ❌NOT ME




We have to intentionally guard ourselves from the opinions of those who never confront us. People will talk behind your back and then turn around and smile in your face. That's life.



However, we protect our hearts when we refuse to let people try and tell us what someone said behind our back.





I've been guilty of listening to what someone else said about me. However, I've always said "if they don't approach me about how they feel it's none of my business. Tell them to hit me up about it". But if the person decides not to address any issues they have with you, you're left with information you can do nothing about. Which can lead to frustration. This is why it's important to reject hearing hearsay. And also not to deliver it.



Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.
Proverbs 26:20



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Not Me

"Not Me"... Listen HERE

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