Female Takeover

RiSE Tank Top

I am excited to start revealing the Tank Tops I have made per request of my supporters. With no further a due, here is the BACK of the RiSE Tank. Click inside for another picture.

RiSE Tank Top


BOLD Tank Top

Next up, the BOLD Tanks. Here's what the back looks like. Click inside to see more.


TurnUp Towels

Under5ive TurnUP Towels!


It's Here... So DANGEROUS!!!




July 5th

July 5th is almost here!!! Hear a small sample of what's up next...



BOLD Tshirts


I am SUPER EXCITED to share these BOLD T-Shirts! Walk BOLD. Live #BOLD


Front BOLD Shirt

Back BOLD Shirt


I am grateful for the few people who support me. Thank you for listening to the music and purchasing the products I create. Little by little and a thing is accomplished.

The journey continues...


More Merch

I've been working on new merch design's and products. I'm excited to share these and more to come with my supporters! Be the first to experience what's coming next by signing up to my Team5vip Text List below.





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Hear it. See it. Get it...

Before Everyone Else




Enter For a Chance to WIN a Pair of BOLD Socks!


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Hear it. See it. Get it... Before Everyone Else.




In James 1:5 the word of God declares, if anyone lacks wisdom ask of God who gives it freely. Don't be afraid to ask God for direction. He's probably been waiting for you to ask.

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