Andre Lee Ellis

This moved me to tears. It reminded me of something I said in my New Single I just released... "We got something beautiful, but on the inside you gotta believe it / Even though it look like dirt in the field gotta have visionary eyes and go see it!"


This man is truly a visionary.

V100.7 FM!!!

WHEN: January 10, 2016

TIME: 9:20 am

WHERE: V100.7 FM


I will be on air. Tune in on the radio or listen online HERE






I've been gone for so long I feel like a rookie. I haven't been negligent on preparation though! #mkeRiSE

mkeRiSE Merch

I've been up early mornings sewing the shirts that will be released with the single.  I can't wait for you all to see the final product! #mkeRiSE

Potatoe Love

Pretty sure God has a sense of humor! I had to take a picture of this.

3 Things I Do To Stay Cool On Facebook

1.I never assume anyone's status is about me.


Let's face it. That's pretty vain anyway lol. I'm old school. I believe in addressing someone face to face. Anything other than that is childish to me. I don't believe in making subliminal statuses about people.


(SideBar) I'm a direct person and sometimes people are intimidated by that. I really don't mean any harm though. I just believe in being honest but I've found that many people would rather be lied to instead. I've grown in tactfully being honest but I can occasionally miss the mark on that....

Abstract Beauty

Our daughter loves to paint. Here's a section of her most recent painting.


Learn. Apply. Grow.

The 10 commandments of Black Economic Empowerment...


In 2006 I wrote a song during my devotion time one morning...


Look What I Found!

Do YOU Know What This Is?!

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