Learning to Write

This month one of the things I will be focusing on with our two year old is writing. Inside is video of her in action!

Black Inventors Stickers

I recently created some Black Inventors Stickers I can put on my notebooks and laptop. Super excited about these! #mkeRiSE

Introduction To Engineering

Our first attempt at building a car lol! Our daughter loves to create.

New Merch

Introducing two NEW #mkeRiSE Shirts!

Matching Letters

Sometimes I randomly do letter matching challenges with Nonah. Although she's two and knows how to identify them I like to keep her brain growing and stimulated. I tried to trip her up with having the M and N in this challenge.


Click inside to see how she did.


mkeRiSE Hats

I've been been working on my Merch and wanted to give you a peek at one of the hats. It's Leather on the top and Suede on the bottom.


True Cam To The O


On the Map

As some of you may know, I'm a Stay At Home Mom. Our daughter is two years old now and is fascinated with Planets and Maps lol. Inside is a video of her in action.

Andre Lee Ellis

This moved me to tears. It reminded me of something I said in my New Single I just released... "We got something beautiful, but on the inside you gotta believe it / Even though it look like dirt in the field gotta have visionary eyes and go see it!"


This man is truly a visionary.

V100.7 FM!!!

WHEN: January 10, 2016

TIME: 9:20 am

WHERE: V100.7 FM


I will be on air. Tune in on the radio or listen online HERE





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