Handwritten Lyrics

Yes, in a digital age I still use a pen and pad lol. There's a process to the way I write some of my songs. Live Free was birthed during my morning devotion time. Here's a picture of the original lyrics.



Your city is what you make it. What will you do?

You Want To Be Famous?

MUST SEE VIDEO! Listening to this interview with the actress Mo'Nique reminds me of the music industry as well. She talks about a few regrets chasing fame. Many people don't understand the games that are played in the entertainment industry. Listen and Learn...

Nonah Identifying Letters

I say I was going to have her identify NUMBERS but I start picking up LETTERS! Smh... No wonder she says "That's a B Mommy".... lol


A Busted Car Window...

Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors knocked on our door to tell us a window on our car was busted out. Find out my thoughts concerning this situation.


No Makeup In Durag PART 2

Are you a slave to the pressures of society that says you have to look "good" ALL the time? Watch PART 2 of the "No Makeup In My Durag" Episode and Get free... Live FREE!


Durag Mornings PART 1

You may have noticed that in EVERY Vlog I'm wearing a durag. In this Episode find out why...


INETGRITY... What is Integrity? Is it important or not?

Dear GateKeepers

PART 2 of my Random Rant... Dear GateKeepers


Updates And Lecrae

Inside is a Video of a few updates

and Part 1 of a Random Rant...



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