Nonah Identifying Letters

I say I was going to have her identify NUMBERS but I start picking up LETTERS! Smh... No wonder she says "That's a B Mommy".... lol


A Busted Car Window...

Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors knocked on our door to tell us a window on our car was busted out. Find out my thoughts concerning this situation.


No Makeup In Durag PART 2

Are you a slave to the pressures of society that says you have to look "good" ALL the time? Watch PART 2 of the "No Makeup In My Durag" Episode and Get free... Live FREE!


Durag Mornings PART 1

You may have noticed that in EVERY Vlog I'm wearing a durag. In this Episode find out why...


INETGRITY... What is Integrity? Is it important or not?

Dear GateKeepers

PART 2 of my Random Rant... Dear GateKeepers


Updates And Lecrae

Inside is a Video of a few updates

and Part 1 of a Random Rant...



Creative Writing

This month's WOW Wednesday is dealing with Nonah and her creative writing skills...

Under5ive Sewing: Video #1


Summer Outfit I Made for our Daughter.

Monkey Business

The 2nd ThrowAways Song for March...

Monkey Business



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