She was playing her drums like nothing happened. She's always trying to "make a dress" because she "wants to be an artist". Now, it's cute when she styles her shirts like in the video below.

But when she's trying to be a seamstress by herself without me knowing... Yikes!!!

I had a talk with her, off camera, to let her know she needs my permission before doing something like that again. I also encouraged her for trying to make it on her own. I never want her to get so complacent in life to where she stops trying to execute dreams she has. Even if it doesn't work out the first, second or third time... I want her to know it's ok.

Kids have a natural curiosity. Somewhere along the way that desire to learn and know things can get lost in many adults. If I don't want her to lose that desire then I won't punish her for it now. I just use it as a teachable moment.

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